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featured-image_big-fiddleGuarding over the Joan Harris Cruise Pavillon stands the world's biggest fiddle. It greets the many passengers of the cruise ships that dock at the Sydney Marine Terminal every year and has become quite the attraction for tourists and locals.

A tribute to the Celtic heritage on Cape Breton Island the giant fiddle was constructed by Cyril Heam, it took him 8 months to build and was unveiled in 2005. The gaelic name for this giant Fiddle is “Fidheal Mhor A' Ceilidh” translated it means “The Big Ceilidh Fiddle” however it is more commonly known as “The Big Fiddle” by locals. If your looking for a one of kind item from Cape Breton, just make your way to the Big Fiddle located at the Joan Harris Cruise Pavillon. Local craftsman and businesses sell their products there including jewellery, wood carvings, and baked goods.

Although, The Big Fiddle is almost 60 feet tall (bow included) and weighs between 8-10 tons, this steel plated fiddle is designed to be played! However we just need to find a giant to play it be able to play it? A relative of Angus MacAskill (Cape Breton's own giant) perhaps? Until than it plays recorded music!

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