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Cape Dauphin CavesDo you enjoy breath taking scenery? A hiking challenge? How about a little mystery to your outdoor excursions? The Fairy Hole hiking trail also known as the Glooscap’s cave in Cape Dauphin may just be for you!
Located at the base of Kelly’s Mountain follow the New Campbellton dirt road until the end. The trail is not regularly maintained and can be difficult at times ( encourages all hikers to pre-cautions on any hiking trails) especially at the end, where there are ropes to help get down part of the mountain and the fairy hole caves. These are caves cut into the side of the mountain surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. would like to remind anyone who enters the caves to use extreme caution and know the time of the tides that day.

But what makes these caves such a mystery? No one can say for certain what the origins of the caves are. Some beliefs are when the first Celtic settlers arrived in New Campbellton their superstitions followed with them and they were convinced the caves were home to the “the little people” better known as fairies. Many others believe the Mi’kmaq legend Glooscap used to live in the area and made the caves his home. One day while out canoeing two women made fun of him on shore. He was so angered he broke his canoe in two (which is said to be Bird Islands). Still in a rage of anger Glooscap then turned the women into the two stone pillars which now guard over the caves.

Others believe there is nothing spiritual about these caves but simply one of the lakes on top of Kelly’s Mountain could have fed into an underground river that carved its way through until it reached the Atlantic Ocean.

These are some of the theories we’ve heard about at CaperLive.Ca. We’re looking forward to the warmer weather to do some more exploring ourselves! Maybe even comes up with our own theories about these mysterious caves. Do you know of any more theories of the origins of these caves? Or perhaps have your own through? Please share them in the comment section below! would like to remind anybody who hikes to please hike responsibly! Know the weather, wildlife, map the area out and always tell someone of your plans!

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