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Crossword of Places in Cape Breton IslandDownload and Print this PDF (Crossword Puzzle of Places in Cape Breton Island).

Print off this crossword to test your knowledge about names of towns, counties and lakes on Cape Breton Island. Have competitions with your friends to see you can complete theirs first!

1. This community is located at the northern tip of Cape Breton, named because crews from ships, used to come ashore for caribou and moose meat.

5. What is the name of the community where the annual "Coal Bowl" tournament is held?

6. This village got its name from the Mi'kmaq, "Abadek" meaning "place with an island near".

7. This town was nicknamed "Lazytown" because by the time farmers arrived to sell their produce the miners had already gone to work, and their wives in bed after making breakfast.

11. The "Orange Lodge" was named after this town.

12. The Rankin Family is from this village.

13. The largest Mi'kmaq community in the world.

14. North America's only single malt whisky is distilled at the Glenora Distillery location, in what Cape Breton county?


2. This is the largest francophone enclave in Cape Breton.

3. The name of the largest river in Cape Breton?

4. This area is actually a cluster of 5 communities on the Cabot Trail.

6. The nickname given to North Sydney because of the sand bar right in the harbour.

8. Mendoo is the Mi'kmaq name for what community?

9. The home of the NHL Hall of Famer, Al MacInnis

10. The lake actually known as "Round Lake", is actually named what?

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