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The Chapel Point BatteryStill standing strong after weathering harsh Cape Breton winters for the last 75 years, The Chapel Point Battery or Sydney Mines Barracks is a well known hang out spot for locals in the Sydney Mines area.

Whether it's for taking pictures, or scaring friends at the “29 steps of death” the Chapel Point Battery is a Sydney Mines attraction. Now if you can peel away the layers of spray paint that now cover the walls, and the history of this World War II fortification site will tell it's own story.

Built in 1939, and located by Amber Dr. Sydney Mines, Chapel Point Battery is across the harbour from Fort Petrie (we promise more on this site at a later date) both sites were constructed by E.G.M. Cape and were designed to protect Sydney Harbour during World War II.

The Chapel Point Battery included a battery observation post, gun emplacements and an underground system for keeping magazines. The Chapel Point Battery played a significant role during World War II, it guarded convoys and naval ships that were based at Point Edward Naval Base and the local industry, from German submarines that patrolled the waters around eastern Canada. The Chapel Point Battery was decommissioned in 1943 only after being constructed 4 years earlier. Most of the battery was dismantled 1948 and sold to the town of Sydney Mines at a later date.

Maybe, some day this historic site will see a restoration, but for now you can still admire this beautiful structure and be grateful for its purpose and for those who did fight for us.

Photo Credit to: Stanton, John. "Chapel Point Battery BC/Fire Control Tower." Photo. July 7, 2013

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