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CaperLive 2.0!

Welcome to CaperLive Version 2.0! Over the last year we received lots of feedback about our website and we put it together with everything we learned during our first year to produce version 2.0! We have removed our social and directory sections and will now be putting most of our focus towards upcoming events and…
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Chapel Point, Sydney Mines

Still standing strong after weathering harsh Cape Breton winters for the last 75 years, The Chapel Point Battery or Sydney Mines Barracks is a well known hang out spot for locals in the Sydney Mines area. Whether it's for taking pictures, or scaring friends at the “29 steps of death” the Chapel Point Battery is…
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The Cabot Trail

298 kms of breath taking scenery, The Cabot Trail loops around the northern tip of Cape Breton. This trail is a must see attraction when visiting Cape Breton Island. Named as one of the best road trips in the world by Lonely Planet, the trail offers beautiful landscapes, rugged hiking trails and many shops and…
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The World’s Largest Fiddle

Guarding over the Joan Harris Cruise Pavillon stands the world's biggest fiddle. It greets the many passengers of the cruise ships that dock at the Sydney Marine Terminal every year and has become quite the attraction for tourists and locals. A tribute to the Celtic heritage on Cape Breton Island the giant fiddle was constructed…
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Cape Breton’s Very Own Giant

Look up... Way Up... crane your neck a little bit... ahhh there you go! Now picture yourself looking up at a giant, and no... not the kind that lives at the top of beanstalk but rather one that lived in Cape Breton! The Giant Angus MacAskill also known as Black Angus or Gille Mòr (translated…
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Canso Causeway – Welcome Home

Have any of you ever had the experience of coming back to Cape Breton, after finishing University away? Or maybe returning to Cape Breton after working out west? Perhaps some of you can relate to the boxing match that happens in your stomach as you pull up to the causeway and find yourself asking the…
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