• Two Rivers Wildlife Park Campground

    Two Rivers Wildlife Park Campground

    The Two Rivers Wildlife Park, offers seasonal camping from May until October. They offer wi-fi, picnic tables, fire pits and…

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  • Robert’s Mountain

    Robert’s Mountain

    Robert's Mountain Robert's Mountain was the first mountain that challenged us at the Hike The Highlands 3-Peaks Challenge in 2014.…

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  • Sugarloaf Mountain

    Sugarloaf Mountain

    Sugarloaf Mountain Also known as "Wilkie Sugarloaf Mountain" its looks like a towering green pyramid from the Cabots Landing Provincial…

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  • Coxheath Hills

    Coxheath Hills

    Coxheath Hills are located intersection of Blacketts Lake Rd and Coxheath Rd, Coxheath, and are wonderfully maintained by the Coxheath Hills Wilderness…

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  • North Sydney

    North Sydney

    Known as "The Gateway to Newfoundland", North Sydney is home to Marine Atlantic, a ferry terminal offering passage to Newfoundland.…

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  • Kelly’s Mountain

    Kelly’s Mountain

    Kelly's Mountain is a mountain located in Victoria County, in Cape Breton. It has an elevation of 267 m and…

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  • The Cape Breton Farmer’s Exhibition 2014

    The Cape Breton Farmer’s Exhibitio

    The Cape Breton Farmer's Exhibition is held every year at The Exhibition Grounds on Regent St. in North Sydney. In…

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  • cabot-trail_1

    The Cabot Trail

    The famous Cabot Trail loops around the northern tip of Cape Breton and is a must see attraction if you…

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