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The Canso CausewayHave any of you ever had the experience of coming back to Cape Breton, after finishing University away? Or maybe returning to Cape Breton after working out west? Perhaps some of you can relate to the boxing match that happens in your stomach as you pull up to the causeway and find yourself asking the same questions OVER and OVER again in your head…

"Am I making the right choice moving back to Cape Breton?", "Is there a future here for me?", and "How can I succeed?".

Following the unwritten Cape Breton tradition… you beep your horn twice as your car passes under the green swing bridge, that welcomes you to Cape Breton in bright yellow letters. Your earlier anxiety dissolves as you let the beautiful scenery and familiar saltwater breeze consume you. These are the comforts of being home. These are the comforts of Cape Breton. understands these comforts and wishes to share them world wide. The island is full of wonderfully talented artisans, musicians and other tradesman whom are dedicated to their craft, that sadly are often of overlooked or never even heard of. wants to change that. will be an online social news website that will offer free local information regarding events, activities, galleries and local businesses in Cape Breton through articles or business directory. Users may comment on articles posted and share them as well on their own social media sites (such as Facebook or Twitter). hopes to be the number one go-to website for Cape Breton. CaperLive won't only be a social new website, but a marketing tool to the community. It will raise awareness of shops/restaurants, aspiring musicians and artisans will have the opportunity to showcase their talents. As a local resident or a tourist you'll be able to find everything you need to know about Cape Breton all on one website without the annoying endless searching. will strive to be the business to grow business and looks forward to watching the community grow!

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